Sony has Returned to Make their own Audio and Image

October 18, 2010 · Posted in Gadget and Gizmo, Multimedia · Comment 

Sony has Returned to Make their own Audio and ImageOn every occasion that I can mention my love of music and sound do. In this case I have to introduce a new Blu-Ray player that will come with an amazing audio support and no doubt all the multimedia lover should have in your home.

It is one of more companies more done in this market. Sony is one of the first planes carrying high quality of their products. Today we have to comment you what it is the new Sony BDV-F7, Blu-Ray 3D integrated 5.1 sounds.

Among the features that we cannot pass up this player is its competencies of play 3D content, and preparing to be constantly connected to YouTube, Netflix, among others, will have several USB ports and iPod connector. You can get a $ 600 price.